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ExpertWe have years of experience in finding misspelled domain names and getting them back from the typosquatters that own them. We are proficient in evaluating patterns that help correlate behavior and thus link ownership of multiple domain names and we’ve built sophisticated software algorithms to assist in this process. We have become personally acquainted with many serial cybersquatters and are intimately familiar with the tactics they use to avoid detection and accountability. In short, and at the risk of being immodest, we are expert in the field of typosquatting domain name detection and recovery and we are adept at creating and using automated tools to conduct our work.

The next time you have a case that could benefit from expert evidence and/or expert testimony, consider that we offer the following services:

  • Sophisticated analysis of domain name registration behavior, often useful for establishing bad faith or a pattern of repeated conduct
  • In-depth searches for domain names owned under aliases
  • Analysis of domain name monetization methodologies, helping you “follow the money”
  • Articulate expert testimony delivered with confidence, including attesting to whatever expert evidence we have provided

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Some websites have just a few misspelled domain names siphoning revenue away from them. Others have hundreds or even thousands. Enter a .com domain name to see a list of infringing sites along with screenshots.

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