Factual Research

WomanCybersquatters can be tricky to find. These elusive folks often go to great lengths to hide their identities and conceal their activities behind multiple layers of obfuscation. If you’re preparing a case involving cybersquatting domain names, you may have already been frustrated in your attempts to gather evidence. If not, you might still need additional support to bolster your case and ensure victory.

We have years of experience with tracking down domain name fraudsters, and we are expert in building and using sophisticated software tools to assist with research. If you’re looking for in-depth analysis of domain registration patterns, ownership transfers, monetization techniques, or other domain-related data, we can certainly help. We are particularly adept at solving cases involving domain names that are misspelled versions of trademarks.

We work with you directly to create custom solutions to your research problems. We like hard problems, but we really like nearly impossible problems. If you’ve given up, chances are we’ll be able to bring a fresh perspective and methodologies you may not have yet considered.

Why let the lack of facts and accountability on the Internet stand between you and a victory for your client?

Business Development

Medium to large-sized companies almost always have more typosquatting domain names to deal with than they could possibly handle. When presented with the full list of fraudulent domains, many companies become overwhelmed and opt to do nothing, not knowing even where to start.

Alias Encore can help you prepare a report for your client that highlights which typosquatting domain names are valuable enough to pay for themselves after your efforts to recover them. In other words, you’ll be presenting them with found revenue while simultaneously generating new billable hours – a win-win for you and your client.

Why keep playing Whac-A-Mole with cybersquatters as your client brings them to your attention one at a time? Get a handle on the complete spectrum of the problem, help them get some idea of where you can help the most, and then get the data you need to ensure you win every case. Alias Encore can help at each step of the process, and our automated systems stand ready to deliver the analysis you need to get started.

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Contact us today and see how we can help you gather and analyze domain name evidence that you may have previously thought impossible to obtain, and also how we can help you generate new revenue for your firm and for your clients.

Alias Encore’s Factual Research Service only collects publicly available data and analyzes it. No private investigation service is offered or implied.

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Some websites have just a few misspelled domain names siphoning revenue away from them. Others have hundreds or even thousands. Enter a .com domain name to see a list of infringing sites along with screenshots.

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