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PeopleGathering evidence of the misuse of a domain name can be a costly, time-consuming, and error-prone manual process. Ideally you’d want a screenshot of the domain(s) in question along with definitive proof of ownership at the time. But those seemingly simple requirements can be hindered by numerous obstacles. How do you:

  • prove that you gathered the evidence in an impartial manner and didn’t alter any of the data?
  • avoid subjecting your computer and network to viruses or spyware that may be present on the web sites you’re trying to capture?
  • know the operator of the web site isn’t returning different data just to you specifically because they know your IP address? (yes, it happens)
  • definitively link the owner of the domain name to the content of the screenshot?
  • process large volumes of screenshots without making data entry errors?

There exists desktop software which can help you take web site screenshots, but you’re still faced with most of the above problems. And web-based screenshot services introduce entirely new problems, like insufficient picture quality, old data, and adherence to a web standard called “robots.txt” which may prevent the service from taking a screenshot you need.

Our Solution

Alias Encore’s Forensic Screenshot Service is designed to solve all of these problems and make gathering evidence easy, reliable, and defensible.

At your request, our servers visit the web site(s) you specify and take high-quality screenshots of the content. Our servers use sophisticated methods to closely mimic the behavior of a real person so you get pictures that as closely as possible reflect what a real visitor to that site would see. Additionally, we use an advanced network of proxies to distribute screenshot requests from multiple locations, making it difficult for the web site owner to block or alter content specifically for us.

During the screenshot capture process, our servers also collect a data log that is compatible with Microsoft Fiddler2. This free tool lets you examine the details of the data that was transferred back and forth, making an in-depth analysis considerably simpler.

Simultaneously, our servers also gather the current Whois record for each domain name you specify. Specifically, we guarantee that the screenshot and corresponding Whois record will be collected within five minutes of each other, or our servers will make another attempt at collecting both. We feel strongly that both pieces of evidence are made stronger by collecting them in close proximity. By the way, the distributed nature of domain registrars makes the accurate collection of Whois data quite complex, but we’ve got that covered as well.

Finally, our servers package the screenshot, data log, and Whois record together in a ZIP file and then apply a cryptographic timestamp. This timestamp is secured by a trusted cryptographic timestamp vendor that operates accurate and essentially impenetrable hardware. Without getting into the nerdy details, it would be next to impossible for us or anyone else to forge the timestamp.

The end result is a package of evidence that proves conclusively 1) who owned the site, 2) what the site looked like, 3) when the evidence was collected, and 4) that no tampering has occurred during or since collection.

Stop wasting time collecting evidence that may not even hold up in court. Alias Encore’s Forensic Screenshot Service allows you to focus your time and energy toward making your case and helps you to go to court with the confidence that your evidence is solid.

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Alias Encore’s Forensic Screenshot Service only collects publicly available data and packages it for verifiability. No private investigation service is offered or implied.

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