Alias Encore, Inc. Unveils New Service Offerings

January 21, 2009


Aliso Viejo, CA (January 21, 2009) – Alias Encore, Inc. announced today that it has launched two new service offerings, both intended to enhance and complement the company’s industry leading typosquatting domain name recovery service.

First, the company has released its “Defensive Registration” service which applies sophisticated statistical models to help predict the valuable domain names that companies should preemptively purchase to help avoid typosquatters later. The result of significant research and development, this service promises to quickly become a valuable part of industry best practices for brand holders and agencies alike.

Second, Alias Encore has made available a suite of services for legal professionals. These include forensic screenshots of web sites, factual research for domain name fraud, and expert evidence and testimony for domain name legal cases. The suite is expected to help intellectual property attorneys expand their practice into increasingly complex domain name matters, allowing them to help their clients realize the full potential of their web traffic.

“Alias Encore differentiates itself on the depth of our experience and technical capability, and these new services build on that tradition,” said Graham MacRobie, the company’s President and CEO. “I’m thrilled that our partners in the legal community will be able to leverage our expertise, working side-by-side with us to clean up domain name fraud on the Internet.”

The new additions are generally available immediately, and further details are available on the company’s website. Pricing details were not disclosed but are also available directly from the firm.

About Alias Encore, Inc.

Alias Encore is squarely focused on helping companies increase highly qualified traffic to their websites through the strategic acquisition of misspelled domain names. It is no longer sufficient for a company to own only the domain name that exactly matches their trademark. This is because significant revenues are being surreptitiously diverted to competitors through literally millions of “typosquatting” sites that seek to improperly capitalize on the accidental keystrokes of unsuspecting Internet users. Alias Encore puts a stop to this domain name fraud, dramatically increasing revenues as a direct result.

Alias Encore was founded in 2008 and is privately held. The company’s headquarters are in Aliso Viejo, California. For more information, please visit


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