Alias Encore, Inc. Announces Open Beta for New Self-Service Domain Enforcement and Management System

January 27, 2010


Aliso Viejo, CA (January 27, 2010) – Alias Encore, Inc. announced today that it has begun accepting applications from those interested to gain early access to the firm’s new self-service Domain Enforcement and Management System through a public beta program.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this new system,” said Graham MacRobie, President and CEO of Alias Encore. “We’ve taken years of experience and distilled it into a fully integrated platform that makes domain enforcement and management a breeze, even for those with limited exposure to the space. In the process, we’re fundamentally changing the industry economics that have previously made large-scale domain enforcement impractical.”

Key features of the new system include:

  • Full-Featured Analysis Tools – the system allows users to easily find potentially infringing domain names, and then prioritize actions based on the nature of the infringement or the projected traffic for each name. Law firms or others that manage multiple accounts are able to work within a single account, or across multiple accounts and brands for additional efficiency.
  • Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) Construction Kit – drafting and filing a UDRP used to require the expertise of an attorney or the assistance of a specialist firm such as Alias Encore or CitizenHawk. Now, companies can easily create their own UDRPs online, start to finish, with just a few clicks. Sophisticated algorithms ensure that the finished result not only complies with all of the applicable standards, but also accurately represents the key issues surrounding each unique case.
  • What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) UDRP Editor – users can avail themselves of the system’s built-in UDRP templates to easily create filings for the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) or the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), or they can use the system’s inline editor to customize the document as they see fit, even creating templates of their own for other types of domain-centric documents including demand letters, litigation pleadings, and more.
  • Clause and Citation Library – a large and growing collection of battle-tested clauses and UDRP decision citations are ready to drop into a case, making research considerably simpler. Of course users can edit these or add their own. Also, each clause can reference a Boolean logic expression which controls the circumstances under which the clause appears in the final document. The system’s standard templates already include a rich set of clauses to cover a wide variety of common situations, meaning many users will never need to concern themselves with these details, but the flexibility will be of interest to attorneys and other power users.
  • PDF Document Assembly Including Exhibits – UDRP filings and other domain disputes, particularly in complex cases, can have extensive exhibits including screenshots, WHOIS records, and more. The system automates the collection of these elements, and then ensures that the appropriate exhibits appear in the finished document.
  • Domain Portfolio Management – easily manage a large portfolio of domain names, even across multiple registrars, without having to transfer any of the domain names to a different registrar. The system provides integrated domain forwarding and traffic monitoring features, making it simple to make traffic-based renewal decisions and to ensure that all domains resolve to an appropriate location. Never accidentally drop a UDRP-won domain again!

In summary, Alias Encore’s new system is intended to be a self-service, soup-to-nuts platform that allows brand holders to finally take full control of their domain portfolio, including enforcement actions. Intellectual property law firms will also find value in the system, particularly in the ability to drastically reduce the complexity of constructing UDRP and other domain-dispute documents on behalf of their clients, as well as in the ability to easily cost-justify enforcement actions through traffic and resultant revenue projections.

Final pricing has not been determined, but Alias Encore expects to offer the new system at a per-UDRP price point considerably below other methods of drafting UDRPs. Although Alias Encore intends to continue offering its CPA-based pricing model for interested parties, this new flat-rate model requires no time commitment, no contract negotiation, and can be implemented to compliment current domain recovery efforts.

Anyone interested in participating in the free public beta should send an email with contact information to

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Powerful Domain Management

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UDRP Construction Kit

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Inline UDRP Editor

Screenshot 4

Clause and Citation Library

Screenshot 5

Flexible Views


Alias Encore is not a law firm and does not offer legal advice. Although UDRP complaints are not technically considered legal documents, users of Alias Encore’s UDRP Construction Kit are strongly encouraged to seek the advice and review of a qualified professional prior to filing.

CitizenHawk, National Arbitration Forum, and World Intellectual Property Organization are trademarks of their respective holders.

About Alias Encore, Inc.

Alias Encore is squarely focused on helping companies increase highly qualified traffic to their websites through the strategic acquisition of misspelled domain names. It is no longer sufficient for a company to own only the domain name that exactly matches their trademark. This is because significant revenues are being surreptitiously diverted to competitors through literally millions of “typosquatting” sites that seek to improperly capitalize on the accidental keystrokes of unsuspecting Internet users. Alias Encore puts a stop to this domain name fraud, dramatically increasing revenues as a direct result.

Alias Encore was founded in 2008 and is privately held. The company’s headquarters are in Aliso Viejo, California. For more information, please visit


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