Ask Sponsored Listings Announces Acquisition Of Sendori

January 23, 2009

Oakland, CA – January 22nd, 2009

Ask Sponsored Listings, a division of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI), today announced the acquisition of Sendori – the next generation exchange for direct navigation search.

Sendori sends qualified visitors from undeveloped web domains directly to advertiser websites. The acquisition provides Ask Sponsored Listings with expanded access to millions of unique users who arrive at websites by typing domains into their web browser. Sendori will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of IAC. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 2006, Sendori developed the patent pending technology PureLeads™ to enable search advertisers and domain owners to mutually benefit from typed-in domain traffic. The Sendori model dramatically improves the direct navigation user experience delivering content pages from national and local advertisers instead of generic pages populated with sponsored links.

The Sendori exchange has grown quickly as domain parking companies diversify their monetization strategies to better serve their clients and performance advertising networks seek additional quality distribution. The exchange provides more than 130,000 advertisers with access to 33 million unique visitors each month. Sendori’s PureLeads™ technology is instrumental in every brokered transaction, ensuring the highest degree of integrity for visitors delivered to an advertiser’s website.

“This acquisition comes as interest in targeted performance advertising vehicles has increased,” said James Speer, President of Advertising Networks. “Our goal is to deliver the strongest ROI to advertisers by controlling the sourcing and qualification of their leads, and Sendori’s PureLeads™ technology strengthens the overall value we provide to advertisers.”

About Ask Sponsored Listings:

Ask Sponsored Listings (ASL) provides keyword targeted advertising. ASL operates a distribution network of 100 premium online properties and services, including, and reaches over 73 million unique users (comScore, December 2008). ASL is an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI). Please visit:

About IAC:

IAC operates more than 35 leading and diversified Internet businesses across 40 countries … our mission is to harness the power of interactivity to make daily life easier and more productive for people all over the world. To view a full list of the companies of IAC please visit our website at:

About Sendori:

Sendori is the next generation exchange for direct navigation search. The company sends qualified visitors from undeveloped web domains to advertiser websites. Sendori’s patent pending PureLeads™ technology ensures the highest degree of integrity for visitors delivered to advertiser websites. The Sendori exchange provides more than 130 thousand advertisers with access to 33 million unique visitors each month. Sendori is based in California. Please visit:

Alias Encore, Inc. Unveils New Service Offerings

January 21, 2009


Aliso Viejo, CA (January 21, 2009) – Alias Encore, Inc. announced today that it has launched two new service offerings, both intended to enhance and complement the company’s industry leading typosquatting domain name recovery service.

First, the company has released its “Defensive Registration” service which applies sophisticated statistical models to help predict the valuable domain names that companies should preemptively purchase to help avoid typosquatters later. The result of significant research and development, this service promises to quickly become a valuable part of industry best practices for brand holders and agencies alike.

Second, Alias Encore has made available a suite of services for legal professionals. These include forensic screenshots of web sites, factual research for domain name fraud, and expert evidence and testimony for domain name legal cases. The suite is expected to help intellectual property attorneys expand their practice into increasingly complex domain name matters, allowing them to help their clients realize the full potential of their web traffic.

“Alias Encore differentiates itself on the depth of our experience and technical capability, and these new services build on that tradition,” said Graham MacRobie, the company’s President and CEO. “I’m thrilled that our partners in the legal community will be able to leverage our expertise, working side-by-side with us to clean up domain name fraud on the Internet.”

The new additions are generally available immediately, and further details are available on the company’s website. Pricing details were not disclosed but are also available directly from the firm.

About Alias Encore, Inc.

Alias Encore is squarely focused on helping companies increase highly qualified traffic to their websites through the strategic acquisition of misspelled domain names. It is no longer sufficient for a company to own only the domain name that exactly matches their trademark. This is because significant revenues are being surreptitiously diverted to competitors through literally millions of “typosquatting” sites that seek to improperly capitalize on the accidental keystrokes of unsuspecting Internet users. Alias Encore puts a stop to this domain name fraud, dramatically increasing revenues as a direct result.

Alias Encore was founded in 2008 and is privately held. The company’s headquarters are in Aliso Viejo, California. For more information, please visit


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Alias Encore, Inc.
(866) 608-8202 phone
(866) 810-7656 fax

World’s Second Richest Man Ousts Cybersquatter

January 15, 2009

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu has won a legal dispute with a cybersquatter who held his name for ransom on the web.

The UN intellectual property agency says current owner Ahmad Rusli of Indonesia was wrong to register the web address and demand up to $US55 million to hand it over.

Don’t miss the photo of the guy they’re calling “Slim”.

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GoDaddy’s Now Called GoDaddy Auctions

January 14, 2009

by Ron Jackson

GoDaddy’s aftermarket auction site has undergone a name change. The domain sales platform is now called GoDaddy Auctions. Those who type in the old address,, or the new name,, will be redirected to a redesigned site operating from a subdomain at The move makes a lot of sense. Everyone knows the GoDaddy name, but TDNAM draws blank stares when you mention the name to anyone outside the industry.

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Ex-eBay Head Whitman Aims To Claim Domain Names

January 9, 2009

By W. David Gardner

Ex-eBay CEO Meg Whitman, a Republican, hasn’t officially thrown her hat in the ring for the California governor’s race and she’s already embroiled in a nasty fight with a Democrat over Internet domain names.

Tom Hall, a Santa Monica man who says he collects domain names as a hobby, has registered several domain names based on Whitman’s name. Whitman, who has been preparing for a run for the governor’s seat, has detailed attorneys to fight the latest batch of domain names in a lawsuit filed recently in Federal District Court in San Jose.

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Why Online Ads Are Weathering the Recession

January 7, 2009

by Jeffrey F. Rayport

It hardly matters what sector of the economy you’re in—it’s none too soon for 2008 to be over. In the advertising business, the pain has proved especially acute, compounded by the latest estimates of where ad budgets are heading in 2009.

Just last week, Barclays Capital (BCS) lowered its projections for U.S. ad spending to a negative 10% next year and a positive 1% in 2010. Every one of the traditional media platforms is getting hit, with newspapers (no surprise) taking the brunt of the pressure, with a drop of 17%, followed by TV (minus 15.5%), magazines (minus 15%), and radio (minus 13%). While other researchers aren’t offering prophesies quite so dire, one thing is clear: This is already no typical ad recession. In 1991, ad spending dropped a mere 1.9% from the prior year, while in 2001 it fell only 6.2%.

The only bright spot this time is online advertising, which, despite a series of downward revisions, is still expected to grow between 6% and 10% next year over 2008 levels.

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Verizon’s Cybersquatter Based in China

January 6, 2009

by Richard Adhikari

OnlineNIC, the cybersquatter against which telecommunications giant Verizon was awarded a record $33.15 million judgment recently, is one of the largest domain name registrars in China, has learned.

According to the records of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which manages the assignment of domain names and IP addresses for the Internet, OnlineNIC, headquartered in Xiamen, China, was accredited by ICANN on October 21, 1999.

The documents show that OnlineNIC has registered more than 300,000 domain names. ICANN did not return calls for comment by press time.

However, Verizon may not be able to collect on the judgment because it has not been able to locate any of OnlineNIC’s U.S. offices, although the company is registered in San Francisco.

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He’s King of His Domain, But All Aren’t The Same

January 5, 2009

by Terence Brennan

Q. I own the copyright to a name for a news and information Web site. I own the .net domain, but someone else — using my copyrighted name — owns the .com domain. The owner of the .com is not using his domain and simply has it “parked.”

I asked the Web-hosting service to negotiate a sale for me, but the owner said he was not interested in selling. I have considered either billing the current owner for use or demanding the release of the domain.

Do I have any recourse, and, if so, would it be very expensive?

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