Parava Networks Registrar Accreditation Revoked

May 23, 2009

ICANN has announced that TuCows has been selected to take over management of the domain name registrations previously held by Parava Networks (doing business as

ICANN terminated Parava’s Registrar Accreditation because of multiple breaches of its Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA).  The breach letter can be found here.

Normal procedures under such circumstances dictate that ICANN initiate a “Request for Statements of Interest” (RFI) from registrars who were interested in taking over management of the domain names.  14 Registrars responded to the RFI.  TuCows, Inc. was selected from the RFI candidates.

If you have domain names registered at you should be contacted by TuCows soon with notices of the transfer and instructions on how to access your domain names.  If you are a current customer of and have questions, you should contact TuCows at:

Telephone: North American toll free: 1-866-731-6556 or Direct: +1 416-538-5498

ICANN’s announcement and more information can be found here.

Network Solutions to Pay Class Action Settlements

May 18, 2009

Network  Solutions recently sent notices regarding settlement of two class action lawsuits filed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.  The lawsuits were filed by plaintiffs Chris McElroy (Case No. CV 08-01247 PSG (VBKx)) and James Lee Finseth (Case No. CV 08-01537 PSG (VBKx)) over questionable registrations tactics by Network Solutions between December 14th, 2007, and March 15th, 2008.

Network Solutions, during the time in question, engaged in what has been described as “Front Running” domain name registrations.  In the Front Running scheme, Network Solution’s system would note when a visitor at their website queried the availability of a domain name.  If the domain name was available, and the user left their website without registering it, Network Solutions would themselves secure the registration within 1 to 4 days.

The poorly thought out strategy behind this campaign was to prevent a user from registering the domain name with another Registrar after checking for availability at Network Solutions.  All domain names secured by Network Solutions could be purchased and moved to an account at Network Solutions.

The first class of claimants are those who purchased the domain name during the same session the query for availability was conducted.  The second class of claimants are those who purchased the domain name up to 4 days after the query for availability was conducted.

First class claimants will be eligible to receive a $6 credit for each domain name, and second class claimants will be eligible to receive a $9.91 credit for each domain name.

Network Solutions estimates approximately 113,094 domain names were registered during the time period.  They will be paying approximately $375,000 to the first class and $500,000 to the second class.  Additionally Network Solutions will be paying legal fees and costs to the Plaintiffs.

You can find out more information regarding the Settlement here.

Network Solutions maintains that it did not do anything wrong.

Implementation Recommendation Team (IRT) has First Meeting

May 4, 2009

The Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC), at the direction of the ICANN Board, announced in March it had formed an Implementation Recommendation Team (IRT) to provide possible solutions for Trademark and other Intellectual Property concerns raised during the comment period for the new gTLD Guidebook.

The first face-to-face working meeting was April 1st.  The IRT has recently published a website which outlines their focus and provides links to resources including a WIKI site.  The WIKI site is intended for groups or individuals interested in providing comment or recommendations to the specific issues tasked by the IRT.

The four primary issues that the IRT will focus on are:

  • Trademark Protection – High Priority Issues raised during the comment period for the new gTLD Guidebook, most notably IP Clearance, Dispute Resolutions mechanisms and WhoIs requirements for the new TLDs.
  • Potential for Malicious Conduct – ICANN has raised the issue of studying the potential for criminal abuse in the new gTLDs and possible measures for mitigation.
  • Root Zone Scaling – This study will look at the root impact of not only adding new gTLDs, but also IDNs, DNSSEC, and IPV6.
  • TLD Demand and Economic Analysis – ICANN commissioned an independent third-party to produce reports that address consumer benefits and pricing issues.  These reports were available for public comment through April 17th, and are located here.

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