PeopleIn a nutshell, we help protect you from fraudulent uses of your brand within Internet domain names. We focus our efforts towards those instances of fraud or potential fraud where the most lost revenue is at stake for you. Our services are made possible through an even mix of technological sophistication and experience.

Keeping up with domain name fraud is an ever-increasing arms race with the bad guys. They are “armed to the teeth” with clever ways to avoid accountability and at this point it is essentially impossible to tackle issues like typosquatting without using systematic means. At Alias Encore we invest heavily in research and development. Our software-based analysis of domain name fraud is second to none, and we are relentless in constantly improving our techniques.

Dealing with fraud sounds like a dreary and potentially expensive exercise, but we offer a number of creative ways to turn that negative into a positive. Working with us often means recovering significant lost revenue, and we offer performance-based models to ensure that our services are always ROI positive.

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In addition, we offer a suite of services specifically for legal professionals:

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Typosquatting Scan


Some websites have just a few misspelled domain names siphoning revenue away from them. Others have hundreds or even thousands. Enter a .com domain name to see a list of infringing sites along with screenshots.

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