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TypingWe’ve all had it happen. While browsing the Internet, you accidentally mistype a company’s domain name and you’re presented with a page full of obnoxious ads instead of that company’s web site. Obviously, it’s an annoying nuisance.

What may not be immediately apparent is that the ads are part of a complex scheme to profit from your mistake. Called typosquatting or cybersquatting, scores of typo domain names have been registered around every web site that receives even modest levels of traffic. The people behind this scheme have developed software to automatically register and manage huge portfolios of misspelled names and are making literally millions of dollars a year at the expense of brand holders.

Unfortunately, putting a stop to the fraud has been an evasive problem. It’s extremely inexpensive to register a domain name, but cost prohibitive to try and wrest it back. Typically, brand holders have retained the services of attorneys, but where do you start when you have potentially hundreds of infringements to deal with?

If you can place a value on the traffic to your website then you can easily estimate how much this problem costs your company. Typically the cloud of misspelled domain names surrounding your name can attract up to 5% of whatever traffic your main site gets. And, that traffic converts really well – up to twice as well as traffic from other sources.

Your name is arguably your most valuable asset. You’ve spent a small fortune getting a potential visitor to type your name into their browser, and due to a simple mistake, they’re being redirected to your competitors. It’s time you put a stop to the problem and started reclaiming that lost revenue.

Our Solution

Alias Encore’s Domain Recovery Service is a pretty simple concept. We help you recover and own those misspelled domain names, thereby significantly increasing your traffic and revenue.

A couple of things make us different than the typical solutions you might get from an attorney or elsewhere. Firstly, we perform the work on a pure cost-per-action (CPA) basis. This means there is no up front charge and no ongoing fees. We even pay the many thousands of dollars it frequently takes to file domain name complaints through the ICANN-approved process called the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP).

In exchange, we simply take the domain names we recover and point them back at your web site, collecting a commission on resulting sales for a period of time. This has the advantage of strongly aligning our interests with yours. We work hard to make sure our efforts are narrowly targeted at valuable domain names, and you don’t have to pay anything until we bring you new conversions. By the way, you own the recovered domain names from the day we get them back.

Secondly, we’ve developed highly automated software to help level the playing field against the typosquatters. This software allows us to easily locate and analyze all of the potentially infringing names. Using sophisticated statistical models, the software predicts which names are the most valuable and also helps draw ownership correlations between names – both aiding in the recovery process.

Finally, when it comes to automated recovery of typosquatting domain names, our team is by far the most experienced in the industry. We pioneered the techniques that make the work possible, and we’ve written, filed, and won the most complex, precedent-setting cases of this type. In short, we’re the authority on the subject, and our expertise is widely recognized.

Benefits to You

Like the service itself, our value proposition is pretty straightforward. We bring you more traffic, and you don’t pay for it until it results in new sales. Here are some other benefits:

  • Helps put a stop to a situation that will never fix itself and is in fact getting worse by the day
  • Costs nothing up front
  • Requires virtually no effort on your part
  • Helps reduce consumer confusion and irritation
  • Fits into your existing affiliate payment infrastructure

Standard Pricing Terms

If you have an established affiliate program and a primary domain name ranked within the Alexa™ Top 100,000, we can offer you the following standard pricing terms:

  • No up front charge or ongoing fees. We pay all of the costs of recovering misspelled domain names.
  • We ask for the right to monetize the traffic from each recovered domain name through your affiliate program for the period of one year after that name is recovered. This gives us sufficient time to amortize the substantial costs we’ll spend in arbitration filing fees to recover your domain names.
  • We ask for your standard affiliate program commission rate and terms, the thought being that you’ve already figured out what traffic is worth to you. Also, we recognize that you’re subject to market pressures that will tend to keep those terms fair.
  • We also offer a two-year variation at 50% of your standard commission rate, and a three-year variation at 33% of your standard commission rate. There are a number of reasons why you might want to spread the payments out over a longer period of time, so we’re flexible (and we don’t charge for “financing”).

If you don’t have an affiliate program we may still be able to work with you. Contact us to discuss pricing terms that fit your business model.

As part of your diligence we suggest you contact our primary competitor, CitizenHawk™, and request a competitive quote.

Get Started Today

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to get started. Also, try the typosquatting scan feature at the bottom of this page to see screenshots of the misspelled domain names surrounding your name.

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